Social responsibility in the cannabis industry

We help brands develop and execute social responsibility plans in order to become more sustainable, more diverse, and more engaged with their communities. 

We can work with you to improve the diversity of your staff, the diversity of your clientele, the sustainability of your operations, and to coordinate events like expungement clinics, job fairs, and educational workshops that introduce your brand and your values to new audiences.


Torie Marshall

Torie is a mom, educator, chef, holistic nutritionist, cultivator, and cannabis advocate for the socially and economically disadvantaged. Born in Washington D.C., Torie is a 2nd generation cannabis industry participant whose personal goals are to help anyone that has been mentally, socially, or economically affected by the War on Drugs and to reverse the negative stigma of the cannabis plant. Her specialties include:

- Infusion, cooking, and micro-dosing demonstrations

- The History of the War on Drugs

- Building a culturally responsive workplace

- Women’s and LGBTQ+ healing workshops

- Equity and justice policy

- Expungement, Record Sealing, and other forms of Legal Relief

Felicia Carbajal Headshot.jpg

Felicia Carbajal

Felicia is a native Californian, Latinx, and a values-based community organizer, social entrepreneur, and cannabis patient who has been affected by the justice system. They have over two decades of experience in California’s cannabis market, getting their start in both the LGBTQ liberation and the medical cannabis movements in the mid-1990s. Felicia was named one of The Advocate Magazine’s 40 under 40 LGBT leaders for their work in cannabis. Felicia has consulted on numerous cannabis brands and is a trusted resource for the Autism, LGBTQ, Latinx, and disabilities communities on the potential of cannabinoid therapies. Their specialties include:

- Hiring practices

- Building a culturally responsive workplace

- Operations

- LGBTQ+ and other intersectional community issues

- Public speaking

- Healing the traumas of incarceration


Tauheedah Shakur

Tauheedah is a college student, an organizer with the Youth Justice Coalition, and a writer whose work has been featured in Glamour and Teen Vogue. Her specialties include:

- Engagement with community-based organizations

- Youth outreach

- Arts and culture-centered events

- Social media

- Criminal justice reform


James Watts

James has deep experience in the medical marijuana industry as a leading consultant in the mid-Atlantic region and on the West Coast. James co-founded We BAKED, a community-based cannabis education provider in 2016. He is trained in solar installation, carpentry, plumbing, wiring, permaculture, and organic gardening. James graduated from University of Maryland-Eastern Shore in 2003 with a dual degree in Construction Management and Finance. He’s the proud father of two teenagers. His specialties include:

- Cultivation

- Sustainability

- Equitable cannabis policy

- The impacts of the War on Drugs

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